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Friday, April 03, 2009

Plants in Pots

Thanks to the rain we are getting, my morning plans have been cancelled. Today was to be the first perennial division workshop in my garden. My guinea pigs would have been the fellow members in my Nathan Hale Garden club.

So now I find myself with time on my hands but not the best weather for gardening. Do I still slip on that slicker and get out there?

As I sit here and stall, I find myself looking through past photos and find myself lusting over plants in pots. The opening photo here shows some plants I had potted up for last years flower sale.

This photo (darn it, it's sideways!) shows lots of the fun little sempervivum I had potted up last spring. I've already potted up several dozen this year but they need another week or two before they begin to plump up.

Newly divided daylilies taking a nice soak in my most useful garden tool, a kiddie pool! I'm not kidding you, this kiddie pool was well under $10 and has been home to hundreds of potted plants that need to take a nice relaxing soak. This year I will definitely buy another one.

Tip, don't buy the largest sized kiddie pool unless you want to wade in it to reach the plants in the middle.

When the kiddie pool is full, I'll use just about any container that holds water. Here are newly divided Epimediums taking a lovely bath. It's my experience that newly divided plants resent dry soil. By keeping them in a container with a few inches of water in the bottom, they seem to settle in and root much quicker.

Of course there's also the excitement of new pots of plants to replace the divisions I've dug out of the ground :-) These new arrivals were waiting on my breezeway last spring. I take photos of each pot with it's corresponding tag so I can keep a record of the perennials that I bring in to my garden.

Look closely and you'll see that Calie-the-wonderdoodle has snuck in the photo. She thinks I don't see her there. For a 70 pound dog she's done a good job of hiding here! As I work in the garden she will sneak up on me and steal tools that are in my back pocket or simply lay down as near as possible to me as I work in one area.

Ok, now after a quick post on Melanie's Perennials I'll get bundled up and go out there and get muddy.


Beth said...

Hello again Melanie!
I'm so envious that you have nice weather to garden already! (Even if it's muddy and rainy.) I feel as if spring will never get here after our flood and blizzard. What a great idea on the kiddie pool ... look forward to reading your posts again.

Creative Country Mom said...

Oh I so want to come to your flower sale... you just like to tease us don't you? Lol... We have one too aroud Mothers Day. It's one of my favorite days of the year! ~Brooke

Becca's Dirt said...

Hi Melanie - looks like you have plenty to sell. It's good that you are able to sell some of your beauties. It's OK to get muddy in the garden. I checked with the Plant Doctor the other day. HaHa

cindee said...

Wow what a great collection of semps! I love those! (-:

lynn'sgarden said...

Melanie, that's a great idea with the kiddie pool. My, you have lots of succulents! I wouldn't mind attending one of your garden sales :)

Patsi said...

That's some amazing start.
Maybe I should get out there...

Melanie said...

Oooh, after spending all day out there today I ache all over! Didn't get half as many pots done as I wanted, it was too cold :-( But tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and a bit warmer so there's always hope.