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Monday, March 12, 2007

Hicks Show Idea

In the last posting I wrote that I saw one good idea at the Hicks Flower show. So here it is...

One thing I keep dreaming about is a lovely pond for my garden. But, there are a few problems with ponds. Number one is the price, those spectacular, natural looking ponds just cost big bucks to install and maintain. Second is that maintenance itself, I just don't need another thing that requires daily attention and multiple trips to the store (except to buy plants of course).

Every year I find myself looking at those simple pond forms they sell at the home improvement chain. The only thing with them is that it would be hard to get them to look natural.

Well look at the pond in this photo. Rather than go for a natural look, they chose a square pond and went for formal. The wrought iron gazebo over it is a lovely touch although that again pushes the price sky high.

Finally, the skirt of moss rock all around the base does a nice job of hiding the mechanics of the pond and gives you lots of fun pockets to put new plants.

In my opinion it's a great idea!

Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Efanthia' tucked into the moss rock wall.