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Friday, November 06, 2009

Those #$#@! Plant collectors!

As I just posted on my other blog, Melanie's Perennials, I'm off this morning to Pittsburgh PA.

Tomorrow I will be speaking to a group of gardening clubs, all made up of plant collectors. There will be Hosta collectors there, I love Hosta!

There will also be Iris collectors there, I love Iris!

Of course there will be Daylily collectors there, thank goodness I love daylilies!

And, last but not least, there will be Daffodil collectors there, I love Daffodils! Are you noticing a common theme here? Yes, I must admit I'm a plant-a-holic and most definitely have collectoritis. Truth be told, I don't collect Daffodils or Iris although I do have a healthy amount of them scattered throughout my gardens. Never say never though...

Besides these plant types, I collect hardy Geraniums, Sedums, Succulents, Astilbe, and so much more. I've learned not to tell people that I'll never collect a specific plant type, years ago I used to tell people that I didn't care much for Astilbe, now I'm adding them like crazy to my garden.

I'm so looking forward to spending two days with plant-a-holics. It turns out that I just LOVE my new job at J. Crew, but I can't say I spend even one minute there thinking about my garden.

See ya in PA!