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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Rushing off to work every morning only to arrive at home in the dark makes it hard to focus on the garden. Today as I stepped out of the store I was delighted to find myself standing outside in the most glorious spring conditions.

Driving my short trip home I noticed clumps of Crocus and even a few early Daffodils in bloom. I couldn't wait to get to my own little piece of heaven to see what was here.

Sure enough, driving slow as can be down my driveway I saw that spring has arrived here at Old Country Garden too!

The leaves are still down thick, heavily matted from the deep snows that covered them only two short weeks ago. Galianthus (snow drops) Crocus and other early spring bloomers don't seem to mind, they just muscled their way through to poke up and greet the warm sunshine.

In the grand scheme of things, these blooms are tiny little jewels scattered across a very large landscape. Still, the joy they bring when I see them is worth their weight in gold.

The Hellebores have been just as busy pushing up their spectacular buds, this winter must have been perfect for them because I'm seeing more buds than ever.

Even the Sempervivum (Hen's & Chicks) are happy to soak up the cool sunshine.

Thursday we are expecting 60 degree temperatures and I'm off from work. How muddy do you think I'll be able to get?

Can't wait to see :-)