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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring sprang a leak

This opening shot is not quite as sharp as I hoped but it still gets my message across. Yes, spring has arrived here at Old Country Gardens. The rains have also arrived (or maybe they just never left?) and it will be some time yet before the soil is dry enough to walk upon.

Between work, travel and weather I missed most of the earliest blooms. Galianthus (snow drops), Crocus and Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) have all finished up their show. No worries though, there's so much more to come!

The Hellebores have really been gearing up to what appears to be a banner bloom season. As you can see here, to appreciate their lovely face you need to turn the blooms upward. One way to get around this is to plant them on an embankment or in a raised garden.

Today I photographed a number of Hellebore blooms and will post specifically about them on my other blog Melanie's Perennials.

While there is growth everywhere I turn, I wouldn't say that most of it is photo worthy yet. Lush and delicious looking are the glaucous stalks on the Egyptian Onions. I'm still searching for a recipe that will utilize these yummy babies.

The Pieris japonicas (Japanese Andromedas) are also starting to bloom. They have the most heavenly scent but I think a bit more heat is required before I will be able to smell them.

Try planting one near a window in your house so on warm spring days you can open the window and let in the perfumed air.

As the title of this post says, spring sprang a leak. Not detered by all the water though is this darling little rosette of Sedum poking out of an old watering can. I'm just tickled pink when I find things like this.

With warmer temperatures and a few dry days on the way, I hope to get out and snap a few more photos on Friday or Easter Sunday.

Stay tuned, I won't be far away...