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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love at Sagamore Hill

In March Andy bought a brand new Harley Davidson Road Glide. It was chilly out for riding but we bundled up and went for some rides here on Long Island.

 Last Saturday he suggested we visit some places on the north shore, near us. The first was the Vanderbilt estate in Centerport, then we decided to visit Teddy Roosevelt's home, Sagamore Hill. The flowering trees were in all their glory and as we drove into the parking lot we drove right past a female turkey.

It's courting season and soon we saw the male turkey, trying his best to gain the female's interest. I took a photo even though the light was too harsh. Off we went then to sip mimosa's on the front lawn.

On our return walk to the parking area I wondered out loud if we'd see the turkeys again.

As we got close to the parking area, my wish came true. Not only were the turkeys there, they were circling Andy's Harley! The female turkey seemed to be quite taken with this large beast and the male turkey was working very hard to get her attention once again.

 For quite some time the female continued to circle the motorcycle. People had gathered and were all taking photos of this amazing scene.

 Then the female turkey saw something else that interested her and off she went...

 It was Andy! Now she began to circle around him, the male still trying to gain her admiration with his feathers all puffed out.

 Back they went to the Harley where finally the male turkey won out. The female allowed the male to stand on her back, his feet stomping back and forth for a number of minutes.

 It was the most magical moment, a once in a life time opportunity. If you scroll up and down and look at the photos you'll see something Andy pointed out to me. The male turkey's neck turned red as his excitement grew.

When they finished, they walked a few feet away. I thought the sound of the Rinehart racing pipes would make them run away but instead the male puffed up larger than ever and started approaching us while making aggressive gobbling sounds.

VROOOOOOMMMMM Hurry up Andy, I don't want to get pecked by an angry turkey!

Somehow I think this is only the beginning of some amazing adventures on Andy's Harley-Davidson