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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today's Blooms

With a enveloping fog upon us, I had to take advantage this morning and shoot some photos.

You've all seen Claus the garden gnome before, doesn't he look especially happy now that the Oenothera 'Cold Crick' is in bloom all around his head?

The Digitalis lutea is hard for me to capture with my simple point and shoot camera. It's a true perennial foxglove. Interestingly, it only blooms on one side of the bloom stalk, the blooms all facing the side where the sun is strongest.

The biennial Digitalis (foxgloves) are also in bloom all over the place. Mixed throughout them are lots of Silene (catch-fly) and Lycnhis (rose campion) blooms.

The dwarf Aruncus athusifolious (smack dab in the center here) is another plant that is hard to show off in a photograph. I just love this plant, there must be over a dozen throughout my garden and I could easily plant a dozen more.

Astrantias are just starting to bloom. I've bought a number of different varieties and they've also sent out a few seedlings so I no longer know which are named cultivars and which are not.

One plant that is rarely photographed in bloom is Alchemilla mollis. The ladies mantle is better known for it's lovely dew studded foliage but right now it's covered with clouds of simple yet elegant chartreuse blooms.

Here you can see the Alchemilla combined with a dusky Sedum and backed up by my beloved Hakonchloa 'All Gold'.

Fading into a dusty rose color are the blooms on the Physocarpus 'Diablo'. The flowers aren't very long lived but then again, I never selected this shrub for it's blooms. The foliage is the true star here along with lovely bark in the winter.

Right next to the Physocarpus is my one and only Rose, 'Westerland'. This rose has been such a beauty for me but last year I totally ruined it by cutting it back too hard too late in the season. It barely limped along and although it's not back to prime condition, I am so happy to see it blooming again.

Lots to do in the garden today...hope you are enjoying your gardens too!