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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Visit

On the right is Felder Rushing, on the left is Darrell Trout and in the center is my mom.

On Monday I had the wonderful pleasure of opening my garden to these two garden dignitaries. Unfortunately one thing I didn't do was take the time to shoot some decent photographs.

Both Felder and Darrell are garden writers. Darrell's been here before, he wrote a lovely article about my garden back in 2006.

As they arrived and drove down my driveway, I had to stop and stare at the truck Felder was driving. It was the most amazing truck I'd ever seen, a well worn Ford 150 complete with hood ornament and Hula girl affixed to the front dash. The most amazing part though was the garden in the back bed, I had never imagined anything like it.

There were wonderful twisty bottle trees, succulents galore, and all kind of lovely little doo-dads.

This is what a young sprout of a bottle tree looks like, pretty cool huh? I'm going to have to watch my garden carefully and see if any of these are sprouting around here.

Holding the succulents in one area was a little golf cart tire. Bet there's going to be a run on golf cart repair shops now, I want one of these!

Rather than post the whole thing here, I'm going to put the photos of what they saw in the garden on my other blog, Melanie's Perennials.

We're being socked here with high humidity, it makes it hard to want to get out there and do anything in the garden.