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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bargain Days

What's there to do when you can't work in the garden? Let's go shopping!

Seriously, some of my best bargains came about when I least expected them. This past week I was lucky to come across a whole slew of bargains.

While wandering through the Broadway Mall in Hicksville (home of Billy Joel), I passed a store named 'Tuesday Morning'. I had never heard of this store and was quickly stopped in my tracks when I saw the amount of gardening related items they carried.

Tuesday Morning is not a gardening store, it seems to be an odd-lot type of place with a little of this and a little of that. Obviously their buyer found a lot of gardening containers. Above you can see two iron containers I brought home with me. I can't wait to pack them with some moss, potting soil and then some luscious sempervivum (hens & chicks).

Another great bargain came my way when my package of garden clogs came from

I highly recommend this company, their price for these adorable ladybug clogs was by far the cheapest to be found. With the handling charge, I was able to purchase two pairs of clogs for only $2 more than one single pair costs at the local nursery. Hooray for valley vet!